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Hi! I’m Ben Simonsen, a passionate Visual Artist, Designer, Art Director, & all around Creative. I’ve been developing artwork for well over twenty years.

I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with extremely talented people in the development of Video Games, TV Ads, Toys, Advertising Campaigns, UI/UX Experiences, Print & Web, Editorial Publications, Live Events, and Theme Park designs. Now, I’d love to do the same with you.

Major Accomplishments


Hogwarts Legacy

Advanced Concept Artists on Hogwarts Legacy. Designing visual concepts for many aspects of the project including Environments, Character Designs, Costumes, Props, Creatures, FX, UI Designs, the World Map, and Marketing Materials.

Also helped design and layout the book 'The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy'.

Cars 2 & 3

Principle Concept artist on Cars 3: Driven to Win. Visually developed the Racing Tracks, Mood Pieces, Population, Race Presentation, and 3D Assets for various levels in the game.


Concept Artist on Cars 2: The Video Game. Designed and produced the visual direction for the game's User Interface, including the Start Screen, Loading Screens, Menu items, and Icons.

Finding Dory

Art Director for the Finding Dory Disney Infinity Play-Set. Developed the Visual look for the Environments, Enemies, and Toys through concept art, including 3D assets. Worked with the team to see the visuals through.

Disney Infinity 1-3

Principle Concept Artist on the visual style for Disney Infinity. Including the design of the Interactive Game Pieces, The Infinity Reader, Power-discs, Packaging, Marketing materials, in-game Play-Sets, and Toybox Mode. Projects included Star Wars Episodes 1-7, Spider-Man, Inside Out, Avengers, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles, Toy Story in Space, Guardians of the Galaxy, Monsters University, Lone Ranger, and Cars.

Toy Story 3

Concept artist on the Toy Story 3 Video Game. Designed the Western Town section of the game including many of the Toy Buildings.

Utah Museum of Natural History

Illustrator for the “Our Backyard” and “First Peoples” permanent displays. Included a 300 foot wall mural and descriptive graphics for interactive displays.


Art Director and contributing Illustrator to the Maverik Convenient Store brand. Created the In-Store wall murals, as well as Cup Designs, Tanker Mural Wraps, Gas Pump artwork, TV Commercials, and Ad Campaigns.

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Advanced Artist 7/2016-Present

Warner Bros.


Principle Artist 7/2008-7/2016
The Walt Disney Company

Art Director 7/2004-7/2008

Visual Artist 7/2003-Present
Ben Simonsen Illustration, Inc.

Adjunct Instructor 2007-2008
Salt Lake Community College

Graphic Designer 1997-2004
Hart Signs, Inc.


Hogwarts Legacy 2017-2023

WB Games

Cars 3: Driven to Win 2016-2017

WB Games

Disney Infinity 1-3 2011-2016
Disney Interactive

Cars 2: Video Game 2010-2011
Disney Interactive

Toy Story 3: Video Game 2008-2010
Disney Interactive


Adobe CC

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, In-Design, Etc.


2D Software

Corel Painter, Sketch, Paintstorm, Camtasia, Microsoft Office Suite, Perforce


3D Software
Blender, Maya, Key Shot, CAD, Unreal Engine 5, Substance Designer & Painter


Professional Skills

Art Direction, Visual Development, Product Design, Packaging Design, UI/UX Design

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